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Choir Pizza Reservations

Reserve pizza for Choir nights here.

Choir Pizza Reservations

Pizza can be reserved for choristers and/or families by the slice, per semester.   Pizza is available at 6pm before Thursday rehearsals, and after rehearsals until 7:45pm. 

i.e. 1 slice per week, would be $17/semester, 2 slices each week is $34/semester, etc..  
 1 - $17      2 - $34     3 - $51     4 - $68     5 - $85     6 - $102     7 - $119     8 - $136     9 - $153     10 - $170

You may reserve pizza one of two ways:

1) click the "Buy Now" paypal button to reserve the number of slices per week and pay with a credit card, or

2) fill out the reservation form below and give Ben a check made to St. George's at rehearsal.  

Paying by Credit Card?

Paying by Check?  

After filling out this form, please bring a check and give to your director at the next rehearsal.  Checks may be made out to Saint George's Church.  Thank you.

Reserve & Pay by Credit Card
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