St. George's Favorite Hymn Project - Lent 1

St. George’s Favorite Hymn Project
Throughout the season of Lent, we will hear what some of your favorite hymns are and why they are meaningful.   These stories are shared with the hope that we might come to not only know more about each other and our hymnody, but to deepen our knowledge of God’s expansive love and grace.  I encourage you to use one or more of these hymns for your devotions during Lent.  For information on each hymn below, as well as text and tune, click the hyperlink for each hymn.  And, if you haven’t submitted your favorite hymn, please do so with the link below!
Grant that what we sing with our lips we may believe in our hearts, 
and what we believe in our hearts we may show forth in our lives.
Hymn 427 - “When Morning Gilds the Sky”
Mary Martha Churchman, writes:
While I was attending Wittenberg I sometimes attended morning prayer at Christ Episcopal Church in Springfield with my grandmother, a lifetime resident of Springfield and member of Christ Church.  I remember standing beside her (or rather, towering over her!)  and singing this hymn together.  She was in her mid-eighties at the time and still loved singing.   It was also one of my mother's favorite hymns.  She sang with a clear strong voice.  This hymn always evokes a strong memory of shared joy. 
Hymn 711 – Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
Margret Hjalmarson, writes:
I love that it can be sung as a round and the melody is beautiful. The lyrics are a reminder to seek and to ask God is a simple statement but also hard to do.
Hymn 400 – All creatures of our God and King
Jill Nussbaum writes:
I love this hymn because it allows me to retrace my faith journey each time it is sung.  It begins with instinctive awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world, moves to handling human relationships with mercy, and beyond that to comfort for those "who pain and sorrow bear," and the promise that even death will merely lead us home.  That's a powerful message for a single song.
Soli Deo Gloria!
Ben Keseley, Minister of Music
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