The Hymns We Sing

The Hymns We Sing
A Saint George’s Favorite Hymn Project
Hymnody is a powerful force in the life of God’s people; one that brings an assembly of individuals together in one unified voice.  When we sing together, we are physically joining together on one wave of sound, sharing the same harmonic series of pitches, even when we sing in harmony.  We sing not only with our voices, but with our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.  When lift our voices in song we are participating in a community building activity; a form of meditation, a form of proclamation, and a form of prayer.  When we sing we join in the heart and spirit of poetry, with its rich images and its deep meaning.
Our repertoire of hymnody forms a powerful part of our personal memory, which in turn, becomes part of our communal memory.   Hymns often become our favorites because they are sung at times of high emotion.  In fact, many of our hymns were conceived at such times for the hymn writers.  For generations, our hymns have been sung at baptisms and funerals, weddings and anniversaries, in times of joy and sorrow, and indeed in many other contexts across time and space.  These emotional experiences are seared deeply into our memory and more importantly are joined together with others in community. 
These become an integral part of the entire fabric of the Body of Christ. Church musician and composer David Cherwien says, “The act of singing these songs becomes a blessing, healing, reassuring and energizing force for the heart and soul of a congregation.”
I’d like to know your favorite hymns.  For these next few weeks I will be collecting them for use in our worship.  Please send me your favorite hymn by filling out this form. And, if you care to, please share with me why this particular hymn is your favorite.  I’d be interested in hearing your story and sharing with others if you so choose.
Soli Deo Gloria!
Ben Keseley
Music Director