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The Saint George's Hymn

The Saint George's Hymn




The Saint George’s Hymn • All-embracing God
I hope you have found the past year of regularly singing our hymn, All-embracing God, to be as wonderful and life-giving as me.  What began as a project to commemorate and give thanks for our renovated Nave and the ministry and people of this place, has become an incredible gift to the larger church and an important and poignant prayer for our times.  It is one I pray daily.  
I am happy to report that this hymn has been published by Augsburg Fortress in a collection of new hymns entitled, Peace, Be Still: Hymns of Susan Palo Cherwien, Volume 3.    You can purchase a copy on their website and for more background on how our hymn came to be, visit our music website.
As I look at some of your favorite hymn submissions and the stories that go with them, I am ever thankful that we collectively choose to invest in music and the beauty and riches it brings to our lives.   I look forward to sharing these with you soon.  For me there is nothing more thrilling and sacred than when we all gather and raise our voices together in song.  In doing so we bridge the gap between a world torn by trouble and heaven’s most yearned-for promises.   This is an incredible thing for which I am grateful, and I hope you are too.
St. George’s Favorite Hymn Project: 
We are collecting YOUR favorite hymns.  There is still time to submit yours.
Tell us what it is here and why.
Soli Deo Gloria!
Ben Keseley, Minister of Music

Ben Keseley